5 Best iPad Speed Reading Apps

Want to become a faster reader? It takes practice and dedication to accomplish. When you can read faster, you can learn more in less time and get an edge over others. There are plenty of awesome iPad speed reading apps around these days. Not all of them offer the same features though. Some of them train you techniques to become faster while a few others let you use your own reading material to become a faster reader. Here are 5 apps you can use on your iPad to master speed reading:

Learn speed reading techniques on iPad

These applications show you techniques to improve your reading skills. They also provide you with lots of practice and track your progress:


Acceleread: provides you with techniques and training to improve your skills. You will learn how to absorb more words at once, expand your capacity to focus, and increase your reading efficiency.

ace reader

AceReader: AceReader has been available for Windows and Mac computer for years. Now you can use it on your iPad to learn how to read faster. It is a reading fluency and vision training software. It has 13 levels to train you and monitors your progress too.

Practice speed reading on iPad

These iPad speed reading trainers provide you with a ton of practice and even let you use your own material to become a better reader:


ReadQuick: a pretty powerful application that lets you use your own reading material to practice speed reading. You can get articles through Instapaper or use the built-in web browser to read faster.  Content from top sites are available too.


QuickReader: an e-book reader app for iPad with speed reading feature. It has 2m free books you can use to get some practice.

fastr pro

Fastr Pro: a speed reading and text comprehension app for iOS devices. It offers 3 reading modes and trains you to become a better reader while reading your favorite books.

These apps don’t do all the hard work for you. You still have to practice speed reading every day to improve your skills. But a good speed reading trainer can make you a better reader much faster.

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