The Wonder Weeks for iPad

Bringing a new baby into this world is a wonderful experience. Being a parent is not easy though. You need to make sure your baby gets fed on time, is cleaned on time, and gets proper sleep. You should also visit the doctor’s office once in a while to make sure there are no issues with your baby. Many first time parents have many questions when their babies are growing up. Wonder Weeks is one of many apps you can use to stay on track.

wonder weeks

Wonder Weeks is a daily calendar for your baby’s development. It will keep you informed about the changes your baby is going through. The app helps parents understand what their baby can understand and learn after each leap and what they can do to help. It can give parents peace of mind and help them take better care of their baby.

wonder weeks app

Wonder Weeks looks decent and works just fine on iPhones and iPads. It may not work out for everyone but if you are a new parent and need an app to help you take better care of your baby, Wonder Weeks may be worth a look.

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