Love or hate it, Google has some of the best innovative services around. The company may be out to dominate the world. That does not mean that you should not use its products. Google Calendar is one of those services that I personally use on an everyday basis. Having the ability to sync it with my Office Outlook saves me a lot of time and keeps me on top of things. Calengoo is a powerful iPad application that takes it a bit further and lets you update/modify your Google calendar when you are on the go.

Calengoo gives you an easy way to add your information to your Google calendar. You don’t have even be connected to the Internet to make your changes (syncs up the next time you go online). Calengoo is pretty useful for managing tasks and events. It can handle your recurring events to.

The app is quite dynamic. I found the interface to be very responsive and easy to figure out. The inclusion of Google Tasks is a big plus. Those of you who use Google services to manage all your tasks and events are going to love Calengoo. It supports offline use, is easy to figure out, and gives you control of your Google calendar on your iPad. What more can you ask? It could be a bit more stable (though the developers are expected to fix the version we tested soon).

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  • jodie_msft_smb

    Something to think about with Google and calendars – although there’s Outlook integration, the Google synchronization is only partial. As an example – in the Outlook Calendar, optional attendees, calendar attachments, and rich text formatting in calendar events are not synchronized. With these limitations, users may have to manage two different inboxes.
    You can get more comparison information from the whitepaper –“major differences between Microsoft Exchange and Gmail”: (Send me a request and I’ll e-mail the whitepaper directly).

    Jodi E.
    Microsoft SMB Outreach Team