Paofit Treadmill App for iPad

Spending a few minutes running every day is great for your body and mind. It could help you burn calories, lost weight and feel better. Not everyone gets a chance to run outside. If you have a decent treadmill, you are already set though. Paofit happens to be a beautiful app that makes it more fun to run on a treadmill. It plays videos of different locations around the world based on your speed, so you feel you are running inside the video.


Paofit has videos of various locations around the world. You can add more routes when you need to. Whether you are running fast or slow, this app can adapt to your speed. Its built-in StepSensor uses treadmill vibrations to estimate your speed. You can watch your video on your iPad or on your TV. The app tracks your data and lets you share information with others.


Paofit has free sample routes but you can get new ones for as low as $1.99 (some are more expensive than that). It looks decent and could make running on a treadmill less boring. You can get the app for free.

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