Rehabilitation for Lower Limbs for iPad

Bouncing back from tough injuries can take a long time. Athletes get injured all the time but have access to pros to help them deal with their injures. But regular folks also get injured. The Rehabilitation for Lower Limbs for iPad can help these folks get an idea which exercises they can do for their injuries. It is also an invaluable tool for physiotherapists and healthcare professionals.


Rehabilitation for Lower Limbs provides you with interactive model of the body, so you can see injured parts and how they can be dealt with. For each part, the app suggests the exercises that can help strengthen it. Exercise can be sorted by category, equipment, and phase. The app includes information on 165 injuries, conditions, and disorders relevant to the lower limbs.


Rehabilitation for Lower Limbs is available for free but to get the exercises and routines, you will have to pay up. This is not for everyone but if you are dealing with injuries or have clients who need your help, this app can help.

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